Student life at ISM

The Soft Skills Academy is a "laboratory" within the ISM Group which trains students in "soft skills".

In its development and social responsibility agenda the ISM Group has initiated the USE, the entertainment of which is based on associative activities designed around 4 axes: Humanitarian work, environment, sport and creativity, and the Employment Passport which consists in supporting the outgoing student to build his professional career in line with what he/she is.


Solidarity, exchange and sharing are strong values conveyed by the ISM Group since its creation.

They are embodied every day in the actions carried out by the students, in the educational or associative framework.

The educational program includes key activities that make up the second semester of the learners and revolve around 4 axes:Humanitarian work

  • The environment
  • Sport
  • Creativity

Each month is devoted to a theme, some activities are organized and managed by students and those in charge of community life: charity actions, talent contests, sports competitions, cleaning activities ... This work in the form of a project is assessed.


Throughout the year, community life is rich at ISM and students can choose a club from the dozen existing to enrich their career paths: theater, photography, choir, humanitarian work, environment, communities club ... everyone can find the club to achieve their full potential!

This commitment of students is essential to ISM training program path, and it allows students to develop their skills in project management, teamwork, leadership, openness and citizenship.

Those skills are essential to become forward-looking and responsible managers in companies.

Student life at ISM Dakar