The Management Committee

Comité de Direction de l'ISM

A word from the Management Committee!

In a globalized world, where the old certainties are falling away, companies rely more than ever on men and women who are able to continuously adapt and develop the capabilities and resources required to better anticipate changes. The ISM Group is committed to training them.

ISM is a Group of Institutes that offers highly appreciated post-baccalaureate courses ranging from Bachelor Degrees to Masters and MBAs in the fields of Management, Law, Computer Science and Digital Engineering, and Political Science. This group of Institutes, spread across ten campuses in Senegal, mobilize nearly 10,000 learners every day. Today, around 20,000 ISM Group graduates are making a strong contribution to the dynamism of African economies. The ISM Group also has 06 high schools of excellence and some primary schools.

It is positioned as a multicultural melting pot where more than thirty nationalities live side by side in a beautiful fraternal spirit. The Bachelor and Master Degrees offered by the ISM Group are recognized both by the Corporate world and by national and pan-African accreditation bodies for the academic excellence of its programs.

The ISM Group pedagogical project aims to equip students with the managerial tools essential to move skillfully, but also with an entrepreneurial culture thanks to the numerous projects they undertake (from the business idea definition to incubation) during their studies.

Choosing today one of the ISM Group's Institutes means above all planning for a career path that will allow students to develop their potential alongside thousands of other students, to adapt to the international environment and seize opportunities in Senegal, Africa and all over the world.

International rankings place the ISM Group at the forefront of Business Schools in francophone Africa.

Moreover, the various international agreements allow our students to benefit from good mobility.

Since 2017, Galileo Global Education, the leading private education group in Europe and the second worldwide decided to support the international development of the ISM Group. These represent so many new opportunities for our students !