This training is geared by an alternation of courses and work experience and overseas trips, in view of greater open-mindedness. Therefore, you are sure to gain the most up-to-date strategies in business and management. In joining to MIM, you do more than attending o course in ISM Group, you become an ISM internationally Shaped Manager.

Build your future career!

These are the reasons why Sira Badiane a young Senegalese lady decided to join us in this program.  Before joining the MIM program she did the Bachelor in international management program “During these three years I had the chance to make extraordinary encounters, to learn Mandarin with professor Mr. Meng and I also had the opportunity to do an exchange program in France. I have first of all to choose International Management because the classes were in English and it was easier for me to understand and learn with that language and currently this is the best choice I have ever made in my entire life for now.”

How is she feeling in her current program? 

The MIM program helps us more to get into multinational organizations. We are learning how to work in an environment where there is a diversity of cultures. The way we are working with people from all around the world and this is exactly what we need if we want to work in international companies. We are learning how to build and maintain a market in a competitive environment, finance according to international standards, quality management, and so many other interesting subjects. I had the opportunity to go to France, I was doing an exchange program and it was a great experience. I was able to experience different teaching methods and acquired new skills, I also managed the fact of living in a different environment with a different culture. And this is exactly what I was looking for."

Future Plans?  

I would love to become an international business manager, to be able to show my skills in a different place than my country of residence. I didn't do a long period in France but I have learned a lot. I have matured and gained more than what I was expecting. "So today I can say that no matter where I am, I will be able to do well in my studies and in my professional life.”

With this program, your career opportunities are just amazing starting from business developer, business analyst to an international purchaser

Sira Badiane a MIM student

Sira Badiane a MIM student