At the end of my training, I would like to occupy a position in an international field in trade, especially in the marketing department. The ISM Group program developed my taste for organization, cultures, and foreign languages by helping me to have a well defined professional project.

A young woman with an international outlook

I am currently a 3rd-year student in international trade and marketing.

"All my high school years, from 6th to 12th grade, went to Anne Marie Javouhey a private school where I obtained my Baccalaureate. Subsequently, I heard of a very good business school with very interesting programs. After careful research and very positive feedback from alumni, I finally chose the Groupe ISM and the sector which corresponded perfectly to my professional project. The quality of the courses as well as the variety of professional opportunities after graduation also greatly influenced my choice. International management is a very famous sector, 50% of which is conducted in English. It contains a very enriched program with a multitude of courses ranging from marketing to total quality management. It also trains in accounting and contains very important courses applied in mathematics."

In the short term, this training constitutes a springboard in my study project because I will have acquired all the necessary knowledge in management / international trade and marketing. At the end of my training, I will continue with a master's degree in the same sector for easier professional integration. 


The Bachelor Degree in International Trade and Marketing (bilingual English / French program) prepares students for careers in international business and gives them all the necessary tools to exercise a marketing function in an international environment. Graduates will be trained in management and international finance, in order to be operational in business quickly or continue their master's course. The entire management team is dedicated to providing quality education in a friendly and professional environment for all our students.

Mariétou Lémou Diouf

Mariétou Lémou Diouf