Student Exchange Program

The Student Exchange Program is opened to…

Master in International Management (MIM) and exchange students having completed 1 year of Master studies in Cross-cultural Management.

  • Classes are taught in French and English.
  • Optional Asian (Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean) Languages and Cultures courses are available with the collaboration of Embassies.
  • 1 semester or 1 academic year (Exchange)

Duration of Exchange

1 semester or 1 academic year (30 ECTS per Semester for Bachelor and Masters)

Application Process

Application Procedure

  1. Partners must nominate students on the nomination form sent by email.
  2. Required Documents for Application (below) must be sent in one PDF file to and
  3. Students will receive an email with the application form and they must have the required prerequisites.
  4. The Home University must approve the choice of the programs and courses chosen by the students nominated.
  5. Admission documents needed for the visa application will be sent to the Home University once we have received all the required documents.


Application Deadlines

Fall Semester

Nomination deadline: 31st May

Documents Required: 15th June

Spring Semester

Nomination deadline: 31st October

Documents Required: 15th November


Fall Semester starts on Monday, 3rd Sept. 2018

Spring Semester starts on Thursday, 3rd Jan. 2019


Language Proficiency

Good command of English or French certified by a recommendation letter for native speakers and an English or French Proficiency Tests: a minimum of IELTS 6.0 or iBT TOEFL 80 or TOEFL PBT 450 or DALF C1 or TCF B2 is required.


Required document for Application

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Official transcript of records in English/French from the home University
  3. Health Insurance Card or Copy of certificate in English or in French from your Insurance company stating that you are personally insured abroad
  4. Curriculum vitae / résumé in French or English
  5. A certified copy of your degree translated into French or English (only for students who have obtained a degree)
  6. Proof of command of English language for students wishing to study in English (only for non-English Native students, a minimum of IELTS 6.0 or iBT TOEFL 80 or TOEFL PBT 450 is required.) or proof of command of French language for students wishing to study in French (only for non-French native students, DALF C1 or TCF B2 is required).
  7.  ISM’s Application Form for Echange Programs (via Ubuntu Program)

Important details


Accommodation options are available. ISM owns Villas with furnished rooms and affordable prices. The average budget for incoming students is:

Rent: 150€ per month

Food: 200€ per month

Transport fees: 200€ per month

Others: 200€ per month

Total : 750€ per month

For further information about the living costs, please contact:Mrs.

Pascaline Ouattara +22177 099 50 50,

Arrival information


Airlines : Corsair or Air France

Arrival – Fall Semester : 21st


Departure – Christmas holidays: 19th December

Arrival – Spring Semester : 2nd January